Japanese girls are the most exotic and beautiful girls in the world

Seductive, beautiful, vibrant, and so enigmatic - born of a culture so unlike that of the West, or anywhere else on earth - it is impossible not to be mesmerized by the girls of Japan.

Hi, I go by the name SMASH.

When I arrived in Tokyo, nearly five years ago, I was awestruck by the hordes of beautiful Japanese girls around me, and I'd had my head filled with notions that foreigners are instantly popular with the girls of Japan. I was in for sure. Or so I thought. When it came to actually interacting with the women around me, and trying to forge the kind of relationships I wanted, I felt completely out of my depth. It drove me crazy.

I'm sure you have been there - you've found yourself in the presence of a gorgeous Japanese girl, and have been tongue-tied or baffled at how to engage her or establish a connection.

You gave it your best shot, turned on the charm, and get little more than a polite smile in response. You get her contact info, and hope to meet her again - only for her to disappear off the face of the earth.

Or maybe you got as far as the first date, only to find her distant and unresponsive to your advances. You couldn't help but feel that somehow, something hadn't gone right - but you had no idea what it was or how to fix it.

My early experiences were no different...

I desired and longed to do better with the beautiful Japanese girls that surrounded me, but my approaches were clumsy, and completely out of step with the culture.

I know now it was no accident that fate crossed my path with a man who goes by the name of JohnnyRocket - a man far more experienced in dating Japanese girls than I - and he shook up my world. Sympathetic to my frustrations he imparted to me a wealth of wisdom and advice that forced me to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about Japanese girls.

As I applied this knowledge, and started to have more and more success with Japanese girls, I devoted myself to the task of exhaustively cataloguing the lessons I'd learned, in detail, so that I could pass this knowledge onto you, saving you from wasting time and opportunities by making the same mistakes I had.

In 2009, with a combined total of over twenty years experience in dating Japanese girls between us, JohnnyRocket and I - SMASH - together set out to write the definitive guide to meeting, dating, and loving Japanese Girls.

We created Japanese Girls - The Guide.

What's the difference between those guys who are walking around with a beautiful Japanese girl on their arm, and those who wish they were?

We can tell you with absolute certainty that it's not washboard abs, it's not the latest tribal tattoo, it's not even the ability to speak Japanese, nor is it some secret, elusive, magical charisma that you must be born with. It is a body of knowledge and a skill-set absolutely within your reach. We can say this unequivocally, because we went through this evolution ourselves (then wrote the book on it!). And we'll prove it to you.

In fact, it's something you can start tapping into in the next few minutes (provided you pay close attention to what you're about to read).

It's a fact: we - SMASH and JohnnyRocket - have taught many guys, just like you, a set of basic principles, the key characteristics of Japanese women - and have seen them go from unsure, inexperienced, culturally-miscalibrated gaijin (foreigners), to smooth, capable, confident men who know how to attract and charm Japanese girls.

How quickly can this information benefit me?

This is not a vague self-help book that promises gradual changes months down the road. This is straight talk about Japanese girls - identifying the critical social and cultural faux pas that make things go wrong, and how you can do things right. No gimmicks, no trendy codewords, just practical information on how you can read, understand, and connect with the most exotic girls on the planet.

Japanese Girls - The Guide will reveal to you the most common mistakes that foreigners make in pursuing Japanese girls; the things that turn Japanese girls off - as well as the things that turn them on. We teach you which cultural differences are the most important to be heeded, as well as which cultural differences are actually irrelevant. You can start to put this knowledge to work in your life immediately.

Whether you are in Japan, or anywhere else in the world, this book will give you the knowledge and tools you need to side-step cultural differences, and put forward your best self to any Japanese girls you meet, in any context.

"I've been in Japan for less than a week, yet the ebook has already made me aware of the tests Japanese girls give. Also the mail advice has helped me set up 3 different dates. On top of that, it's a great read! Well worth the money!"

- shard, via Japan Lair

Learning Japanese?

Japanese Girls - The Guide is packed with sample dialogues - provided in both Japanese and English - representing how Japanese is really spoken between men and women in Japan. This is up-to-date information that you can't find in any textbook.

Don't understand any Japanese?

No problem - all the Japanese lines and phrases we use in Japanese Girls - The Guide are accompanied by English translations - written to be simple and intelligible to Japanese girls with limited English ability.

Do not be afraid

Japanese girls are born of a different culture, but they are still human beings who desire love, companionship, and the pleasures that come with it.

I have applied this knowledge outside of Japan, meeting and dating Japanese exchange students and tourists. It works, guaranteed.

Japanese Girls want YOU

In a country where a mere 4% of the population is non-Japanese, international gentlemen enjoy a certain popularity, yet so few guys are able to recognize these opportunities, let alone capitalize on them. They sabotage themselves with cultural blunders, or attempt to express their interest in ways that a Japanese girl cannot understand. What a waste! We are here to ensure you won't be that guy.

We will teach you to see the world that Japanese girls inhabit through different eyes. You will recognize these opportunities instantly as they become available to you, and you will know how to respond to them expertly with confidence.

Japanese Girls in the World

In the post-2008 world economic climate, the Japanese Yen is strong. The Japanese are taking full advantage of their international spending power by flocking overseas on trips and holidays in unprecedented numbers. Right now there are more Japanese girls travelling outside of Japan than any other time in history. They are looking for fun, adventure, and new experiences. Are you going to be able to provide that for them?

Knowledge is Power

Ever wonder why there are so many thick books written about cross cultural relations and conducting business with the Japanese? More than any nation or culture on earth, Japan approaches social, business, and personal relations in a uniquely Japanese way - a way of doing things that often clashes harshly with the ways of Western and other cultures.

Japanese girls and dating are no exception. Signals and expressions of feeling that you and I see as meaningful are often completely meaningless to Japanese girls, and likewise you may completely fail to pick up on the signals that they are sending you - unless you know what you are looking for.

Japanese Girls - The Guide takes you through these cultural pitfalls with detail and precision, and provides you with practical advice as to how to better read and gauge a Japanese girl's feelings, and how to better communicate yours.

"I was impressed with the way you went about presenting your ideas so honestly and accessibly, but with a very methodical, analytic, factual feel to them. It was certainly a pleasant surprise. Nicely done SMASH. Very nicely done."

- Jon, New York, USA

This is the Real Deal - Don't just take our word for it

Since the release of its first edition in 2009, Japanese Girls - The Guide has received high acclaim from readers both inside and outside of Japan. We have been overwhelmed by the many many success stories we have received from readers. We've heard from many satisfied readers who were able to apply their newly acquired knowledge within a few days of receiving The Guide.

Japanese Girls - The Guide has been endorsed as the best place to start to get the inside track on Japanese girls, by Japan Lair - the oldest, largest and most active Japanese girls-related internet forum for foreigners in Japan.

Seriously though, what's actually in the Guide?

Japanese Girls - The Guide is a 250-page volume packed with advice and instruction, presented in a logical structure that is easy to understand and is applicable to guys just visiting Japan, guys who live in Japan or anywhere else in the world who want to meet and date Japanese girls in their own city.

Japanese Girls - The Guide details every stage of interaction with a Japanese girl - from first contact, exchanging contact info, mailing, dating, right through to getting intimate. We bare it all and share it all.

1.  The inside track on Japanese Girls

If you are serious about learning to meet Japanese girls, then you need to know these things:

  • Japanese girls typified
    College students, gyaru, company workers, high school girls, hostesses: right tool for the right job! We teach you effective ways to meet and interact with all kinds of Japanese girls depending on their whereabouts, fashion, and attitude - and how to get their attention!
  • Hon'ne and Tatemae - "the true feeling" and "the social façade"
    Politeness is built into Japanese culture, so it is often difficult to tell whether you're seeing a Japanese girl's true feelings, or a polite front. We'll teach how to sharpen your instincts so you can tell the difference between the hon'ne (true feelings), or the tatemae (social façade)...
  • Popular myths about Japanese girls - and the reality behind them
    We've seen it time and time again - guys who think they know Japanese Girls, only to have their misinformation trip them up. We explore the truth behind the myths, and prevent you from being led astray!
  • Kotoba no ura (the "meaning behind the words")
    Think your electronic dictionary is going to be enough to guide you around nuances and hidden meanings of the Japanese language? We look at Japanese phrases (and their English equivalents) which mean more than you'd ever imagine.
  • Girl talk
    We sat down with four young popular Japanese girls from different backgrounds, bought them some drinks, and let them talk freely in their own language about what turns them on - as well as what turns them off. We learned what they really think about foreign guys, and also what it's like to be a young, pretty, single girl in Japan today. The answers took even us by surprise!
  • 2.  Your own place in the world of the Japanese girl

  • The gaijin novelty factor
    You're already considered something a bit different and special through the eyes of a Japanese girl, just for the fact you're a non-Japanese guy. That's your resumé, but can you handle the interview? Don't be a one-trick pony. In this section we teach you how to leverage the novelty factor - not depend on it - so you walk out with the girl.
  • The Japanese Language
    We look at the way Japanese is really used in modern day Japan - and provide essential tips on how you can level up your language to avoid sounding like a textbook, and to give you the advantage.
  • The Top Ten mistakes foreigners make with Japanese girls
    Through our combined 20+ years in Japan, we have identified the Top Ten Mistakes that foreigners are making with Japanese girls, every day - and we will teach you how to avoid them!
  • 3.  Sex and Dating with Japanese Girls

    A comprehensive lesson-based guide to every stage of the journey...

  • Places to meet Japanese girls
    A detailed look at the many different social settings in Japan, and the types of Japanese girls you'll meet in each.
  • The Pattern... and how to break out of it
    We show you how so many guys get caught in what we call The Pattern, locked into dead-end polite small-talk with Japanese girls that gets you nowhere fast. We teach you how to recognize The Pattern, and, more importantly, how to break out of it!
  • Dealing with the most difficult questions you'll get asked
    Japanese girls are notorious for springing difficult yet crucial questions on you when you least expect it! We'll empower you to take a full swing at these sudden curveballs.
  • Japanese Girls and Email/Mobile Communication
    You know that a Japanese girl's best friend is her phone. Learn how to keep her interested via SMS/email, to ensure you're only a call away from a great night.
  • Templates for great dates
    Want to know how to structure and plan a great date? We've done the work for you, and provided full start-to-finish date ideas for any time of day, or year!
  • Taking it further
    How to smoothly cross that line from being "friendly" to "something more" - we tell all about our experiences, the things that we've found to work well for us - as well as the pitfalls to watch out for.
  • In the bedroom
    We go all the way in this chapter. Here we talk frankly and honestly about nuances and peculiarities that happen behind closed doors, and discuss how you can turn yourself into a fantastic lover, for any Japanese girl.
  • True Stories
    Real-life experiences of meeting, dating, and intimacy with Japanese girls from a variety of ages and backgrounds.
  • ...all this, and much, much more.
  • "I want to say that it was an incredibly complete book and a lot more honest and authentic than I ever expected it to be. I enjoyed the details and sample conversations; some places definitely made me understand things I've seen in the past. The book often verbalized thoughts or feelings I've had that I wasn't even aware of until I read them!"

    - Scott, Nagoya, Japan

    You should be in control of your social life, not at the whims of dumb luck or chance encounters

    Meeting, dating, and getting intimate with Japanese girls is a skill like any other. You can master the art of meeting and dating Japanese girls with the proper perspective, the right tools, and the confidence you will gain from understanding the territory through Japanese Girls - The Guide.

    We live in an era of "DO WHAT YOU LOVE," business books on taking control of your time, your life, and your money abound. Shouldn't your love life be the same?

    We think so, and we have been living the dream. We want you to join us.

    This isn't Rocket Science

    Wait... actually, it is!

    Rocket Science is the name of JohnnyRocket's no-holds-barred, 200 proof, full-power-insight essay column, featured throughout Japanese Girls - The Guide. Rocket is a man who has established himself in Japanese business and society, and has few peers in this respect. He reveals a wealth of his secrets accumulated over almost two decades in Japan.

    About the Authors


    I go by the name SMASH. Hailing from London UK, I've lived as a foreigner in Tokyo for over five years now. I came to Japan as a language student - and started out completely naive and clueless about meeting, interacting with, and dating Japanese girls. My early days in Tokyo were plagued by missteps and failure in this area. Even though I came into contact with lots of girls, I struggled to get numbers and dates. I had no idea how to read the signals put out by Japanese girls, or respond to cultural cues... I was completely lost at sea, and had no understanding of how to progress things to the level I wanted.

    Fast-forward to present day, and now my biggest problem is finding time for a social life overflowing with activity! I learned an important lesson: The problem wasn't that there was anything wrong with me - but rather that I needed a clue - to learn to smoothly and expertly deal with girls, dating, and sex in a strange and foreign culture.

    All the knowledge I gained from this journey, I have compiled into this book. 250 pages' worth. Now I want to share it with you.


    A living legend in Tokyo ex-pat foreigner circles - with over 15 years in Japan, Rocket has built up an unbelievable track record when it comes to meeting and dating Japanese women--it reads like a who's who in Japan. Rocket has been with fashion models, actresses, a gaggle of high-rent society women, radio personalities, and so many others in between.

    Until now Rocket has been notoriously secretive about his knowledge and methods - and so we're incredibly lucky to have him on board sharing this knowledge for the first time ever in written form.

    We have already provided a framework for you to use

    In the information contained here alone, we have given you a solid idea of what you need to do to get started, and if you are already familiar with us, then you realize we are all about pouring our hearts out and having an open dialogue. We know we have something of tremendous value to offer you. We'll prove it:

    30-day 100% money back guarantee

    We are so confident that you will love The Guide that we will give you 30 days - a full month - to work through it, digest the concepts, and if you don't think it completely kicks ass, then simply ask for a refund. We will return your money right away.

    Bottom line is - this is the real deal. You'll love it, or you get your money back. It's that simple.

    Click the Get the Guide button below and let your journey begin. And don't forget to chime in on our blogs and let us know what you think!

    - SMASH


    Thanks for writing your book - I wish I'd read it earlier!!

    In my opinion, it is worth every penny. Even though I am only in Japan for 3 weeks, it helps me understand better a lot of the reactions and interactions I have witnessed and lived already.

    - Martin , (French) Canada

    P.S. Fancy a sneak preview?

    Click here for a free sample of the content contained within Japanese Girls - The Guide

    P.P.S. Rocket wanted me to post this up

    A picture of you a month from now

    It's March 27, 2024 - a month on from the day you bought Japanese Girls - The Guide.

    You walk into a bar in Tokyo that we recommended to you. You are alone on business, and normally walking into a bar alone in a place like Tokyo would be intimidating, but thanks to your new mindset, you feel exhilarated, on top of the world.

    Then you see her.

    She is with a mixed group friends, you smile, walk over, and break in - in context - knowing just what to say, and the response is friendly. What are you facing now? Do you have to be the entertainer? Do you have to have a million questions memorized and ready? No. That is a philosophy from a bygone era. You know just what to say, just how to stand, just how to respond because you are versed in culture, nuance, and a dance we perform over and over every time we go out.

    She is intrigued, but it's very difficult to see to the untrained Western eye. But you see it. You know what stands between you and taking her out of that bar, and you execute it easily. In fact, it's fun. You feel like ordering a drink shaken not stirred.

    Life is short, this will be you. Time to grab hold with both hands and step into a new world - our world. Welcome!

    - JohnnyRocket

    Japanese Girls - The Guide - A 250-page ebook

    Japanese Girls - The Guide

    "This book is AWESOME. It has so much insight that only makes sense to me now. I often was confused as to why certain things were happening, but this book spells it out. It's also preparing me for future interactions, and I am sure my game has stepped up heaps because of it.

    "Thanks guys - a quality product!"

    - Rems, via Japan Lair